Puppy not eating, eh? Well, let's talk about that...

A puppy not eating can cause serious stress. This article will help you understand what's going on. Don't worry!

Anyone who has ever owned a puppy knows it is a very exciting time when you first bring them home. If this is your very first pup, you may be a little anxious about this major moment in your life.

Owning and caring for a puppy is a huge responsibility, and if you have never raised a puppy before lots of questions arise along the way. It is very important for puppies to eat regularly as they have a very limited reserve. But what if your puppy is not eating?

It's pretty normal for puppies to go off their food for a day when they move to a new environment. Puppies may experience separation anxiety the first few days away from their litter mates and mother.

Make sure you provide your pup with a safe non stressful environment to eat in. Give him food at the same time each day, leave it for 10 minutes, and then remove it if he doesn't eat it. Then offer it again at his next meal time.

Secret Tip: The puppy will learn that if he doesn't eat when it's offered, then he won’t have the chance to eat again until his next mealtime.

Another reason a puppy may not be eating is that he is teething. Sometimes he may eat and other times he won’t touch his food. This is fairly common during the teething period.

There are many things you can do to help his sore gums. Try adding warm water to the hard food to soften it. Offer ice cubes, frozen water-soaked washcloths or frozen water-soaked rope toys.

Secret Tip: Provide him with lots of good quality chew toys such as nylabones.

Warning: Don’t be tempted to bribe a puppy who is not eating by giving him table food or excessive treats. Puppies and dogs enjoy food that is not their everyday food and this will only worsen the problem. In addition, you will not be providing your puppy with a complete and balanced diet.

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Young puppies have minimal fat reserves and immature livers. They can develop hypoglycemia if they don't eat, and this can be life threatening.

If your puppy is unusually lethargic and is not interested in playing, he could be developing hypoglycemia. Smear some honey or corn syrup in his mouth, wait 10 minutes, and offer some canned food or a jar of baby food. It's important to get him to eat. Consult your veterinarian if your puppy seems ill or anytime he is not eating for a long time.

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