Rabbits and Dogs Under One Roof

Have you ever thought of having rabbits and dogs under one roof?A true pet lover loves all kinds of pets and probably wants different pets. If you're a pet lover that is trying to have a rabbit and a dog in your household you may realize that animals don't automatically get along. You may have to put a lot of time into getting your pets to accept each other. This article offers a few tips to help you with your rabbit and dog dilemma.

There isn't a percentage that can tell you how likely you are to have success with your rabbit and canine becoming friends. The likelihood of this occurring actually depending mainly on your dog. Depending on your dog's breed, personality, and socialization it may be possible or it may be possible that your dog and rabbit never play together.

Some dogs can't help but want to chase a rabbit. Certain breeds have the instinct to chase, catch and even kill certain types of small animals. If you have a rabbit and are deciding on a puppy you may want to avoid any dogs that are good for hunting, chasing animals, etc. It's not the dog's fault they just can't fight the urge to chase a small animal.

If you decide to have a dog and rabbit, you will need to introduce them. If you don't introduce the animals and the dog finds the rabbit it may think it's a wild animal, an intruder in your home. Make sure the introduction is safe, such as dog on leash, rabbit in cage. You may have to repeat introductions until the animals become fairly comfortable and the dog doesn't want to harm the rabbit.

Always monitor your pets together. Reward your dog for good behavior and scold them if they try to chase or harm the rabbit. Also, make sure each pet gets attention from you and that they both have their own beds, cages, or hiding spots away from each other.

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