Reasons Why Dogs Scratch and Lick

Let's talk about reasons why dogs scratch and lick.

Part of being a dog owner means dealing with your dog's scratching, licking, and biting. However, if your dog does this often there may something causing it that needs to be addressed. This article will explain some skin problems that occur in dogs.

All dogs and cats are going to lick, bite, and scratch a little because that is how they clean themselves, plus its normal to have an itch occasionally. However, sometimes it seems that dogs can't stop scratching or licking and you are probably wondering why.

One very common cause of the itchiness is fleas. Yes, your dog may have those awful little parasites crawling around on it. Your dog may feel the fleas on it or try to bite at them when they are biting the poor pooch. If you look closely or brush your dog you may be able to see these tiny parasites. If you aren't sure then take your dog to the veterinarian. Luckily, there are a lot of different treatments available for fleas including powders, sprays, baths, etc.

Many dog owners are also surprised to find out the food they give their canine is the reason for skin problems. If your dog isn't getting the proper nutrients its body suffers. Skin and coat abnormalities may be caused by your dog's diet. The food you feed your pooch should be meat-based and no just full of grain and other fillers. Check the ingredients on the bag, meat should be first. If you don't even know what most of the ingredients are then don't you think there's probably better dog food available. Switching your dog's food to a healthier brand can make so much difference.

Other skin issues could be environmental, allergic, or infectious. Some dogs just have sensitive things even to grass. Some dogs have yeast infections, demodex, or allergic reactions to foods. If you are concerned call your veterinarian.

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