Reptiles Get Respiratory Infections Too

You've heard of people with respiratory infections such an pneumonia. Well, reptiles get respiratory infections too. Infections in reptiles can become very serious, they won't just go away with time.

Most respiratory infections, like other infections, are caused by bacteria. However, they can sometimes be caused by fungal, parasitic, or viral infections. This type of infection is typically caused by dirty environments and poor diet. Those two things lead to weakened immune systems and when a reptile has a weakened immune system they are much more susceptible to infections.

Reptiles need clean environments that have the right temperature gradients according to the type of reptile. The right humidity levels are also important. A poor diet usually lacks vitamin A. Changing a reptile's diet or giving them vitamin supplements can help prevent illness and infection from occurring.

If your reptile does end up with a respiratory infection there are treatments available. Depending on the type of reptile and they type of infection treatments vary. Taking your reptile to a veterinarian is the best thing to do. They can run tests and find out not only if an infection is bacterial or not, but also what specific type of infection it is. Knowing the exact infection, ensures the pet receives the most appropriate treatment. Treating respiratory infections quickly is important. Reptiles can die if they get pneumonia.

Antibiotics are the most common form of medication for treating infections in reptiles. Antibiotics can be giving orally or injected. If a parasite caused the respiratory infection medication that kills parasites will also have to be prescribed. Along with the medication, you will have to make changes to your reptile's environment and diet to prevent respiratory infections from reoccurring. A veterinarian can help explain what changes need to be made.