Reptiles with Mouth Rot

Let's talk about reptiles with mouth rot.

By the name, mouth rot, you can tell it's something that you don't want your pet to develop. Mouth rot is called so for a reason. It's a common and serious health issue for reptiles. This article will discuss the causes, symptoms, and treatments of mouth rot in reptiles.

First, the causes of mouth rot are fairly simple. A reptile has a fairly weak immune system and the bacteria in their mouth turns into an infection. An infection in the mouth can actually cause the mouth to rot. In order to keep a reptile safe from mouth rot, they need to have a healthy immune system. Keeping their immune system involves a healthy, well-balanced diet, regularly cleaning of their terrarium, and appropriate temperature and humidity.

Pet owners need to be observant so they can notice if their pet ever has abnormal physical or behavioral changes. Symptoms of mouth rot include lack of an appetite, abnormally red oral tissue, pus or dead-looking tissue in the mouth, and drainage coming from the reptile's mouth and/or nose. If the infection spread to a reptile's lungs they will also have pneumonia.

The symptoms of mouth rot are a clear sign that something is wrong. To ensure the right diagnosis you can take your reptile to a veterinarian that can run tests. A vet will also be helpful in giving you treatment options and advice on preventing infections in the future.

To treat mouth rot the infected reptile's mouth will need to be cleaned with antiseptic. Surgery to remove severely damaged mouth tissue can need to be done. Antibiotics will also be prescribed. Since a reptile with mouth rot may not want to eat the antibiotics may not be in an oral form.If mouth rot is not treated is can cause multiple infections and illnesses resulting in the reptile's death.

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