Reptiles with Septicemia

Let's talk about reptiles with septicemia.

A pet reptile can cost a lot of money, require a lot of care, and many live to be quite old. If you have a pet reptile you don't want them to die young, especially if you could have prevented it. This article will discuss the disease septicemia, it's symptoms, and how it can be prevented.

Septicemia is a fairly common disease in reptiles. It is a bacterial infection of the blood. This disease can be very dangerous for a reptile. Since it's in their blood is can spread to their organs and cause serious damage to infected organs. If not caught in time it can lead to death.

If your reptile has symptoms of septicemia, they need to be treated immediately. Symptoms of septicemia include lethargy, weakness, breathing difficulties, patches of skin discoloration, and seizures. If your reptile has these serious symptoms contact your vet. They may want to run tests or do an examination. If your pet does have septicemia, there are some treatments. The first is antibiotics, like what people take when they are sick. A warm basking area, nutritional diet, and fluid therapy can also help a sick reptile recover from septicemia.

So, how does a reptile get this disease? The blood bacteria usually gets into a reptile's bloodstream through an injury, infection, or parasite infestation. Once the bacteria is in a reptile's bloodstream, it can get a free ride to any organ.

To prevent your reptile from ever developing this disease you can pay special attention to making sure your pet is fed properly, and has a clean environment. Your reptile should also have the an environment that is the right temperature with the appropriate humidity level. Reptiles that don't have a proper diet and proper living conditions are often more likely to get various diseases.

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