Rolled Dog Collars

Rolled dog collars that are made of leather can provide the safety and style you demand for your pet. These are long lasting and add a touch of bling that your pet will adore.

The rolled dog collars made of leather generally are measured and placed on the full-size dog and stay with him or her for life.

Also even though they are leather they are minimally priced.

Rolled dog collars made of leather could not be a better choice for the owner who is purchasing a collar for the life of the dog.

The collars offer hardware buckles and leather material that tends to get softer with age making it a comfortable accessory for the dog.

Also, you will be amazed at the price points of these life long accessory items as they can range from approximately ten to twenty dollars.

This is quite reasonable for a one time life-time purchase. Many consumers state that the rolled leather is great for dogs with long hair.

This is because the collar will not catch on the animal's long hair. Also if purchasing a collar for puppy and his or her sibling, each has a tendency to chew the others collar while at play:

the leather aspect of this collar will make it impossible for the playful puppy to chew his or her brother's or sister's collar completely off.

Keep in mind, if you do purchase the collar for a younger dog, you'll need to purchase another when the dog is full-grown. This is the exception to the rule as far as keeping the collar during the life of the dog.

The soft leather like any good cow-hide leather will become softer and softer with age.

This tends to bode well with breeds who have longer coats of hair.

The longer-haired categories of dogs tend to experience problems with materials like nylon as the material can catch and pull on the dog's long coat.

Congruent with the name, the leather just tends to roll on the coat of the longer haired dog and cause no undue discomfort.

In summary, if you have a long-haired breed the leather accessory will look great.

It is very long-lasting and will not catch and pull on the hair and is the ideal application for dogs with lengthy coats. It also comes in at a very reasonable price point.


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