Rules To Follow While at the Dog Park

Let's discuss rules to follow while at the dog park. Your dog may love going to the dog park, but sometimes you may notice people that don't seem to know common sense "rules" that they should follow while there with their pet. In order for all dogs to have the best time without any aggravation for them or their owner there are some things to consider. To make sure you follow the rules, continue reading this article.

Just because you are at a dog park doesn't mean you shouldn't clean up after your dog. Yes, occasionally some waste may get missed since there are so many dogs every day, but if everyone picks up after their dog, there will be less to step in and less to smell. 

Dogs love their owners but if you know your dog tends to act aggressively towards strangers or other dogs then don't take it to the dog park. Dominant dogs that are aggressive towards everyone, just cause tension. They will make others uncomfortable and probably annoyed. Keep your dog in your yard until it can play well with others.

You may want to go to the dog park and throw a Frisbee, but be careful with taking toys and treats to the park. It's kind of like having a kid. The others will get jealous and want what your dog has. This can lead to fights. Plus, your dog might lose its favorite toy or have it stolen so stick with just a ball or maybe a Frisbee, leave the other toys at home.

Nobody wants their toddlers stepping in dog poop at the play ground and many dog owners don't want to deal with kids at the dog park. Not everybody that has dogs have children and you have to keep that in mind. Kids can go with you, but make sure they're not running around screaming, touching strange dogs. Not all dogs are kid-friendly and you want to keep your child safe.

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