Save Your Garden and Lawn from Your Dog

Let's talk about how you can save your garden and and lawn from your dog. Dogs naturally love to dig holes, however you probably don't love how it makes your garden and lawn look. If you want to save your garden and lawn from your dog, then read on Dogs dig holes out of boredom, to get cool, to escape, to hide things, and to get attention. Don't worry though because with a few tricks you can stop your dog from digging holes.

Make sure you give your dog enough attention. Don't just stick them in the yard by themselves every day. Play with them, take them for walks, give them toys. They will get bored and crave attention if they just sit in the yard alone everyday, which can lead to digging. Give your dog attention and a little change of scenery when you can. If your dog always tries to dig and escape from your fenced in yard, create a trench around the perimeter of the fence and then fill it with large stones, cement, or something that your dog won't be able to dig through.

If your dog seems to just love digging up your flowers, add some plants to your garden that your dog will not like. Put a few cactus or rose bushes throughout your garden. It will probably only take one prick from one of these plants for your dog to avoid your entire garden from now on.

If your dog just digs holes everywhere, for pretty much no reason, there are tricks to stop their digging. While your dog is in the house, go outside and put either small balloons or your dogs own poop in all the holes that it has dug in your yard. Cover them back up with dirt. The next time your dog digs in one of the holes it will be startled or disgusted. When the same thing happens in every hole it goes to it will eventually quit digging.

These methods of preventing digging can be much more effective than constant scolding which can leave you and your dog frustrated with each other.

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