Saving Your Shoes and Furniture from Your Dogs Chewing

Let's talk about saving your shoes and furniture from your dogs chewing.

Having your dog chew on your brand new pair of shoes is not a good thing and your $1,000 couch sure won't look nice after its chewed on. You may want to lose your temper when your dog chews on your belongings, but don't. Dogs need to chew and it is your job as their owner to teach them the do's and don'ts of chewing.

Don't give your dogs old clothing, rags, or shoes to chew on. They can be harmful if pieces are swallowed and it will be confusing to the dog. Dogs won't know the different between an old towel and a new one or between a rag and a brand new shirt.

Give your dog their own chew toys. Buying chew toys is a small price to pay to save you from having to buy new shoes, towels, or a couch. The best way to use chew toys is to only let your dog have a few at a time. Buy various types of chew toys and just rotate them. A certain 2 this month and a different 2 or 3 next month. This keeps your dog from getting bored with them. If they are bored with their toys they will start chewing your things again. Also, another great idea is to take your dog to the pet store with you and let them pick their own toy. After all, how do you know what will be good to chew on, you're not a dog.

The key to getting your dog to stop chewing is to supervise and correct them. If you keep an eye on your dog you will catch them if they are chewing on something that is unacceptable, clap your hands or speak in a stern voice telling them "no, bad dog." Then take the item away and replace it with a chew toy. Let your dog know that the chew toy is okay and the other item is not.

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