Sharing Your Bed with Your Pet

Let's discuss about sharing your bed with your pet. If you have pets, you probably don't even think twice about them sharing your bed with you. Many pets love to snuggle in a warm bed with their owner every night. If you have multiple pets they may even fight for the best spot, closest to you on the bed. However, is it really healthy and safe to share your bed with your pets?

If your pets have fleas, you should think twice about allowing them in your bed. Fleas from your pet won't live on you, but if you're in bed with your pet the fleas may be jumping from your pet to you and biting you. Even if they don't bite you, just picture possibly hundreds of little parasites being in your bed every night. It sounds pretty disgusting.

For the most part your pet sharing your bed with you won't get you sick, however it is possible in some cases. Some viruses can be passed from pet to human, but it can happen at anytime not just in bed, after all you share a house with your pet.

You may have comfortable, but inexpensive sheets on your bed and just wash them whenever your pet gets dirt or hair on them. However, if you have expensive sheets and aren't willing to give them up, your pet may have to find somewhere else to sleep. If your pet is in your bed, then so is hair, dirt, drool, and your pet's claws may ruin your nice sheets.

You also have to consider your pet's health when allowing them to sleep in your bed with you. Older pets or pets that have a history of injuries should probably not be in a human bed. They could injury themselves when jumping down from the bed. There are plenty of dog and cat beds available, you can also put it next to your bed to keep your pet close but safe.

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