Should I Get a Pet Hedgehog?

Should I get a pet hedgehog? You are considering getting a pet hedgehog, but aren't sure. After reading this article you can determine if having a pet hedgehog would work for you or not.

First, believe it or not you will actually have to research and find out if it's legal for you to own a hedgehog. You will have to check your state and municipality laws. For example, if you live in California or Pennsylvania you can forget owning a hedgehog.

Next, do you have the room and time to properly care for a hedgehog, They are small, but they like to have room to play and explore. They will need a decent size cage and you will need somewhere they can play when you take them out of their cage daily. If you want more than one hedgehog, you will need more than one cage because they are territorial. Multiple cages can take up a lot of space in a house. Each cage should be no less than two square feet.

With some pets you can get away with only cleaning their cage once a week. This won't fly with a hedgehog. They are very clean and won't be happy if their cage is dirty. You will have to clean your hedgehog's cage as if it's your own house. Be ready to remove soiled litter or bedding daily, adding fresh bedding, removing spoiled food, giving fresh food and water, etc every single day.

If you want a pet that will be affection, you might want to think twice. If you want a pet that will cuddle with you, then consider a different type of pet. Hedgehogs are friendly, but they are docile and their spines aren't like cuddling with a furry animal.

If you are okay with all of these things and still want a pet hedgehog, then great! When shopping for your new pet, try to give a hedgehog that lets you touch it, avoid ones that instantly curl up and are defensive. Curling up into a ball is a natural defense and there isn't anything wrong with hedgehogs that do that, but you most likely want the tamest and most friendly one you can find.

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