Should You Bathe A Ferret?

Should you bathe a ferret? Ferrets are clean animals, but they can still get dirty and smelly sometimes. Since your ferret only need a bath from time to time, you may not even know the best way to do it. This article can help tell you how to give your pet ferret a bath.

The most you should ever bathe your ferret is once a week. If you bathe many pets too often it actually causes problems. Excessive bathing strips an animal's fur and skin of its natural oils. You don't want an itchy pet with dry fur and skin.

The supplies you need for giving a ferret a bath include a soft towel, a warm room, ferret or cat shampoo, and a bath tub. If you have more than one ferret you can bathe them all at one time. They may even think it's more fun that way.

During the winter or if you live somewhere cold, you won't need to give ferrets a bath often. They can get cold very easily when wet. Which is why you should make sure you bathe your ferret in a warm room that doesn't have drifts.

A ferret <>doesn't require a lot of water. Your bathtub should only be filled with 2 or 3 inches of water. You don't want your ferret to drown. The water should be warm, not cold, not hot. You can clean your ferrets head, but try to avoid getting shampoo or water in its eyes, ears, or nose.

Your ferret will probably drown itself. Give it a clean, dry towel and it will play in it. Once your ferret is done playing with the towel, you may need to dry it off a little too. Don't put your ferret back in its cage unless it is completely dry. You don't want your furry friend to get sick.

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