Should Your Dog Wear Clothes?

Should your dog wear clothes? Doggie sweater and coats can actually be a controversial topic between dog owners. This article will discuss both the pros and cons of putting your dog clothing.

What are the pros of putting your dog in a sweater? Some dogs may not like clothing, however if a sweater is made from comfortable fabric and keeps the dog warm, they will probably love it. If your dog loves it, that's what matters. Also, your dog may love the attention its getting from you dressing it. The most important reason for having your dog wear a sweater is to keep it warm.

Dogs may have fur, but not all breeds are originally from colder climates. Some dogs have thin and/or short hair which doesn't do a whole lot when it comes to protection from the cold. Some dogs hate the cold so much that they will go to the bathroom inside the house because they don't want to go outside. You may not like the cold, snowy weather either, but don't avoid giving your dog the walks it deserves. If you just let your dog run outside really quick and don't walk it, it is likely to gain weight. For proper health it is important for a dog to maintain a healthy weight.

If you notice that your dog doesn't like to go outside during the winter or shivers, then you should definitely get it a sweater and see how it likes it. Once your dog realizes how warm a sweater keeps him he will be much more comfortable and happy.

With everything there are two sides to every story. So, what are the cons of putting a sweater on your dog? Just as some dogs love wearing snuggly sweaters, other dogs will hate clothing. Many dogs don't like to feel restricted and they don't like wearing leashes and clothing. If your dog hates clothing you will know, it will bite, scratch, and try to get the clothing off of itself.

Another serious con of dog clothing is that just as it can be helpful to some breeds, other breeds come from cold climates and therefore have fur that is meant to help withstand extreme conditions. If you have a dog with thick, warm fur and you put a sweater on it, it is likely to overheat. Overheating is dog is more than just panting, they can actually have a heat stroke which can lead to death.

Dog clothing really depends on the breed of dog, comfortably of the clothing, and specific dog's preferences.

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