Sick Dog Not Eating?

Is your sick dog not eating? Learn what I did to solve his eating problem. Learn the "tricks" that worked. Find out what my vet told me. Let's get started...

Several years ago my four year old son was standing on our back deck with his arms around this incredibly wild looking dog whose hair was matted and filthy.

Our first reaction was to yell at him to get away because we had no idea what kind of dog it was or whether it had any kind of disease.

After watching for a couple of minutes it was apparent that the dog was not vicious and it did not act as though it was sick in any way. We tried to get him to eat but he acted like a sick dog not eating.

Adam named him Shaggy and though we warned him not to get attached it was clear that he really loved the dog after only a few hours.

He was filthy and his fur was extremely matted so we washed him down three times until the water ran clear. (I bet you know what that is like!)

Since we did not have a dog brush we tried to use a people brush to get some of the matting out. Needless to say it did not work.

I decided to get him groomed but the groomer would not see the dog until I could show he was up to date on his shots.

Without any kind of history I could not do that so we took him to the vet and found out that he had been micro shipped by the breeder but the owner had not added their information to the chip. The breeder tried to get in touch with the previous owner who had been over an hour away from us and they had moved with no forwarding address.

The vet suggested he might be acting like a sick dog not eating due to the stress of traveling without a regular food source.

The vet recommended we place the Iams dog food in a bowl and just let him eat as little or as much as he wanted until his appetite returned.

Once he had a normal appetite we found that whenever he got off his tether and wandered a few hours before we could find him he acted like a sick dog not eating and having diarrhea within a day.

Giving him Immodium to control the diarrhea usually returned him to his normal eating habits within 24 hours. Make sure if your dog is not eating normally that you find out why quickly and take him to the vet if it is not due to getting too much food from somewhere else.


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