The Advantages Of A Soft Sided Cat Carrier

Your soft sided cat carrier will be the hit of the town when you bring it home. Your cat will immediately climb on in and be ready for the next trip...

Having to take your cat out of their sanctuary they have created in your home does not have to be a huge problem.

The first step to providing to your pet and to yourself when you go out together is to get a carrier. There are generally three main types you can choose from – the cardboard, the hard plastic and the soft sided cat carrier.

The former two seem to be the obvious choice to people who do not take out their kitten too often and are not familiar with the latest trends in pet travel care.

However, the latter type is not only fashionable, it is also practical and has a large number of benefits compared to its counterparts.

The soft sided cat carrier is not a pouch without a form that your pet will sink into. Quite the opposite – it has a stable and durable frame and/or design that can support its shape.

So, your cat will feel great inside without being constrained. The materials from which this type of carrier is made are strong and not easily worn out – you can get a model made form leather of an artificial fabric.

You cannot find these qualities in a cardboard model. The soft sided models usually have well attached removable bedding that can be made from a variety of cuddly and comfy materials such as faux lambskin.

Another advantage of these carriers is that they come equipped with special tethers that allow for the secure positioning of the pet inside the inner compartment.

It is true that the hard plastic crates are often more spacious, but in fact vets claims that cats feel more secure in smaller closed spaces.

Despite the common misconception, the soft sided cat carrier models have reliable ventilation – they are equipped with large enough mesh windows that match the style of the item and provide perfect aeration.

If you opt for this type of carrier you will enjoy a number of benefits yourself.

The soft sided cat carrier can be stored more conveniently than the other two types as it takes a considerably smaller space. It is also more comfortable to carry around.

Most models have reinforced handles as well as adjustable shoulder straps allowing you to use your hands freely whenever you need to.

Furthermore, these carriers have external pockets that provide additional storage space for the belongings of the cat and of the owner.


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