A Spill Proof Water Bowl Will Reduce Clean Up Time For Owners

The purpose of this article is to inform the reader how to choose the right spill proof water bowl for his dog.

Choosing such a bowl may seem like too much of an elementary task for many people, one which shouldn’t even merit serious consideration. However, there are a lot of poorly designed and poorly made water bowls in the market today, and selecting the wrong type may provide a lot of problems for both the dog and the dog owner.

A popular brand of the spill proof water bowl, like Buddy Bowl for example, has established their brand by spending a lot of their resources in researching and developing dishes that will provide the most number of benefits for dog owners. Their products may seem simple – dog dishes that don’t get knocked over – but because of poor engineering and quality control, dog owners may encounter certain problems if they choose the wrong kind of spill-proof varieties:

- Because of their manufacturers’ desire to products that are as spill-proof as possible, some of these bowls have funnel interiors with very small openings, making it very, very difficult for sports breed canines to drink from them. You may buy a bowl that even the strongest dog won’t be able knock over, but you may also end up with a bowl that he can’t drink from as well.

- Some of these bowls have poorly designed angular openings that fail to solve the problem of excessive beard drippings. Bearded dogs - like Jack Russell Terriers, Shih Tzus and Collies – tend to dip their beards on normal bowls, resulting in beard drippings that will make it easier for dirt and other unwanted substances to stick to such areas near their mouths. Some allegedly spill-proof dog dishes still employ poor angular inclines from the opening to the base, and bearded dogs still have to suffer the same discomfort.

- Some of these bowls are a pain to clean. Because of the funnel-like interior, dish soap tends to stick to the edges of the base which is difficult for any cleaning material to reach.

- Some of these bowls aren’t portable at all. Water still splashes when the dish is transported.

From the potential problems above, we can derive the following guidelines in choosing the right spill proof water bowl for your beloved canine companion:

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1. Always study the opening of the bowl. Is it big enough for your dog to drink from without encountering any difficulties? Water intake should be unimpeded after all, and particular discomforts will just make like harder for your pet. Is it small enough as to prevent your dog’s beard from being dipped on the water?

2. Always study the interior of the bowl. It should have an angle that expands to the base in such a way that water won’t be spilt even if the base is moved. A spill proof bowl should act as a portable dog dish as well, after all.

3. Always consider how you can clean the dog bowl. Most of these dishes can be disassembled so that owners can ensure that every area of the interior is thoroughly cleansed of leftover particles and traces of dog soap.

Anti-spill doggie bowls may seem like simple aids, but even the most modest help can have a big impact in your life as a dog owner.

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