A Splash Proof Water Bowl Will Make A Happy Owner and Pet

This article aims to discuss the importance of a splash proof water bowl and why every dog owner should invest on one as soon as possible.

A dog has to drink. Water is just as important for our canine buddies as it is for us, more so if we’d consider the fact that dogs have 35% less water retention capabilities than humans. Indeed, dogs dehydrate faster, hence, dogs need water – lots and lots of water - available at all times.

This includes the moments spent traveling.

Now, conventional water bowls have one big problem – they’re not really built to be portable water containers. They’ll splash over with every hump that the vehicle will encounter, with every rough path that the vehicle will trek, and with every sudden break that the vehicle will have to make.

The result will be as dire as it is messy: less water for our doggies and a wet carpet we’ll have to clean later on.

This is the reason why a splash proof water bowl is truly a welcome invention.

A spill proof water bowl has a funnel-life interior with a wide base and an opening that has a smaller circumference. With this simple design, splashes are minimized, if not totally eliminated. The science behind the design allows a lot of space for the water to move in the area near the base so that movements, and eventual splashing, near the top would be controlled.

Popular splash proof water bowl brands like Buddy Bowl take the engineering behind such dog dishes even further. They offer a variety of anti-splash doggie dishes to suit particular dog breeds.

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The problem with anti-spill water bowls, you see, is that because of much focus on the funnel-like interiors, openings sometimes become too small for certain types of dogs. Also, openings can likewise be too big for smaller breeds of dogs, and they tend to dip their beards too much resulting in unsightly and potentially dangerous beard drippings. Additionally, because of the funnel-like design, cleaning an anti-spill water bowl can be a big challenge because of the substances and dish soap that may accumulate in hard-to-reach areas of the base.

Buddy Bowl and other established brands remedy these problems by providing different builds with different circumferences for the openings, with each build recommended for particular breeds of dogs. This way, dog owners can be guaranteed that such water dishes will be big enough for their dogs to drink from and small enough to minimize the occurrences of bread drippings.

Also, the splash proof water bowl, Buddy Bowl and other established brands distribute water bowls with detachable parts, making it easier for dog owners to clean the same. This may sound like a very simple idea, but it can mean a world of difference once you start cleaning the dog dish.

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