Stargazing Syndrome In Reptiles

Let's talk about stargazing syndrome in reptiles.

Stargazing may be a good thing for people to do, but when reptile's have stargazing syndrome it is a symptom of a major health problem.

Stargazing is when a reptile appears to be stargazing, however not by choice. It is caused by an infection or disease that affects their central nervous system and results in the abnormal twisting of their neck and head. Reptiles can' t help stargazing it is an unusual posture for them and it means they are probably suffering from an underlying cause.

Symptoms that may coincide with stargazing include, difficulty moving, depression, seizures, tremors, and disorientation. However, the symptoms really depend on what the underlying cause is. If you aren't sure what your reptile's symptoms mean you should make an appointment with your veterinarian. They can do a physical exam, take x-rays, run blood and urine tests, they can properly diagnose the underlying condition. Once a veterinarian has their diagnosis, they can give you different treatment options or explain what you can do if no treatments are available.

Stargazing is usually a symptom of injury, infection, or inclusion body disease. If your reptile is stargazing you will actually want to hope that it is injury or infection because there is no cure for inclusion body disease. IBD typically affects snakes such as boa constrictors and pythons. It is fatal.

Bacterial and parasitic infection can also be to blame. These type of infections often occur what a reptile is stressed, has an improper diet, or lives in dirty conditions. As long as an infection is caught and treated early, reptiles usually recover. If infections spread to other organs or cause secondary infections they can be fatal.

To prevent stargazing and the conditions that cause it make sure your reptile lives in a clean home and has a proper diet.

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