Stop Dog From Chewing Right Now!

Want to learn more about how to stop dog from chewing? Learn some professional dog trainer tips.

How do you stop dog from chewing? Think back to when you had your first child. Their instinct is to put anything and everything in their mouth, right? Well, it’s no different for a dog. As puppies, they tend to chew on anything. Whether they are teething and nibble on your sofa, chair or shoes, it is inherent in most dogs to chew. There is a method you can use to train your puppy or dog, whichever is the case.

Any professional dog trainer or behavioral specialist in the field will tell you to prepare your home for the dog’s arrival. This means removing clutter from your home; and just as you would with small children, put most things out of reach. While you may find this will work more with puppies, the task will certainly be greater with a larger dog. This is where you must take the lead.

The first thing you can try to stop dog from chewing is to be aware of his habits. Does the dog chew on the furniture when you are away from home? Perhaps the dog misses you, and not having the ability to go outdoors can be a frustration which results in your dog chewing on your items in your home. Perhaps the food you set out for the dog is not to his liking. Or, maybe the dog is just bored and does not have enough activity to keep him busy.

To stop dog from chewing, it is important to observe his habits. Catching your dog chewing on an item is the point at which you can begin to use positive reinforcement. Do not yell or scream out, but be firm in your command when telling the dog “no.” Repeating these commands, followed by a positive response such as “good boy,” and a gentle stroking of the dog will yield results.

Certainly, you can purchase toys and dog bones to keep your dog busy chewing on something other than your expensive furniture. You can stop dog from chewing by taking command as the pack leader; a method which is most which is quite effective. The dog will then begin to understand the rules of the house, and will no longer engage in chewing his way through it.

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