Looking For Ways To Get Your Dog To Stop Biting?

Some breeds of dogs naturally want to nip and bite. An example of this is that herding dogs will often nip at your ankles or heels as if you were cattle. Most dogs bite as an instinct or as a warning that they don't like what you're doing. If your dog is overly aggressive or if you have children it is important to stop your dog from biting.

If you have an aggressive dog and it bites a neighbor or visitor to your house, the dog may have to be put to sleep and you may end up with a law suit on your hands. Avoid these unnecessary events by simply training your dog to stop biting.

First you may want to observe what triggers your dog to want to bite. Are they protecting you? Are they defending food or a toy? Are they playing? Do they not like the way they are being touched? It could be any number of reasons why your dog bites. Try to figure out why though.

Try to remove the issues that cause your dog to bite and make your dog aware that biting is unacceptable . If your dog bites scold it in a stern voice, without physically punishing them. A dog won't quite understand why biting is wrong, but hitting is okay. Also, hitting your dog may cause them to be afraid of you or to be even more aggressive towards you.

After your dog bites you or anyone in your family make sure all of you ignore the dog. When the dog begs for attention or recognition don't give it any. The dog will realize that biting results in no attention, and dogs love attention.

Understanding why your dogs bites and properly expressing your opinion of its biting will cause your dog to stop. If your dog continues to be aggressive, other steps may have to be taken.


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