Stop Your Dog's Barking

Let's talk about stop your dog's barking.

Does your dog constantly bark? Does it annoy your whole family and your neighbors? Are your frustrated because you don't know what else to do to make it stop? You may be in luck. Continue reading to get a better understand of why your dog barks and how to make it stop?

Getting your dog to stop barking takes the right training and persistence. You have to be consistent with training if you want it to work. You also need to understand that dogs bark, you can't scold your dog for every noise it makes. Scold dogs for inappropriately barking only.

Many dogs bark if they are scared, barking makes them seem aggressive to scare off whatever they are actually afraid of. Dogs also bark, whine, or cry if they are sick, in pain, upset, excited, and mad. Dogs express their emotions through the sounds they make, they can't talk. If your dog is trying to tell you that it is sick, you shouldn't punish it.

You should not allow your dog to bark constantly or at every little noise. If your dog barks for no reason, get it checked by a veterinarian who may be able to find a medical reason for the barking such as disease, illness, or maybe even anxiety.

Dogs can suffer from anxiety just like people. It may be caused by stress or something like separation anxiety. Most cases of anxiety in dogs can be treated with behavior modification such as training. In some cases, a veterinarian may prescribe anti-anxiety medication for a dog.

If your dog barks at every car or person that walks by, every noise your kids make, if it's territorial and barks when your friends or family visit, you will have to do something about it. This type of barking isn't a medical issue, it is a behavioral issue.

Before you start the process to eliminate your dog's barking you will want to think about it. As previously mentioned, not all barking is bad. It's a dog's way of talking and expressing emotions. Also, if your dog is trained not to bark at people outside, someday it may not bark when someone is trying to break into your house.

Try to train your dog that it doesn't need to bark when you are home and the house is safe. Show your dog that you are the boss, not him. If you allow someone in the home, they should not bark. Try to play with your dog and teach your dog to relax. You can also eliminate the unnecessary barking by using blinds and curtains so that your dog can't see outside and bark at every passerby.

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