Strange and Sometimes Illegal Pets

Let's discuss about strange and sometimes illegal pets. Different states and countries have laws on what types of pets people can possess. If you're looking for a strange exotic pet to call your own, you may be restricted by the laws on your state.

Most commonly states don't allow people to have large exotic animals that could be dangerous such as bears, large cats, primates, and venomous snakes. All states are different and some allow exotic pets, but require permits.

Believe it or not some people have skunks as pets. They can have surgery so that they cannot spray and some skunks can even be litter box trained. Skunks are illegal in states like Maryland and Nebraska. In Ohio you can have a skunk, but you need a permit.

Hedgehogs are spiky little creatures. They are cute, but they sure aren't cuddly. They make interesting pets, but you will actually have to check your state laws to see if you can even have one. If they are illegal in the state you'll probably know because nobody will have any for sale. Hedgehogs are illegal in Pennsylvania, Hawaii, California, and Georgia. They are also illegal in the five boroughs of New York City.

Strange pets that you might want that aren't illegal include crabs and chameleons. These pets require knowledge and proper care, but they can be kept in tanks and won't be roaming around causing any trouble. Anyone can have a hermit crab, but wouldn't it be cool to have your own fiddler crabs. Chameleons are great for handling, but they are a reptile that isn't as common as many others. It is also fun to watch Chameleons, they can change colors and have unique eyes.

Other strange pets include squirrels, Chimps, small monkeys, Piranhas, and some people even have pet bears, tigers, alligators, wolves, etc. You will have to check your state laws. In some states you are really restricted. For example, in Hawaii all exotic animals are illegal and in Massachusetts and California wild or non-domesticated animals are all illegal.

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