Symptoms of Hernias In Cats

Let's discuss the symptoms of hernia in cats. Hernias are painful and they can even be life threatening for an animal. They are also more common in cats than you may realize. So, if you have a cat you may want to be aware of what causes hernias and the symptoms that a cat with a hernia may have.

There are different types of hernias that can occur. The most common hernias in cats are Diaphragmatic hernias and Hiatal hernias. Both of these can be congenital, there at birth, or acquired, caused by trauma. Acquired hernias seem to be the most common in cats. Acquired hernias typically occur as the result of a severe fall, being hit by a car, and other types of injury or trauma.

You might not be around your cat 24/7 so how will you know if they were injured and have a hernia? There are usually quite a few noticeable signs in your cat's appearance and behavior. First, if you don't already know, a hernia is when an organ protrudes through the wall of its cavity or through some type of opening in another part of the body. Therefore, a cat with a hernia is likely to have a protrusion or bulge. Hernias vary so the protrusion could be different places on a cat's body, but they are most commonly in the cat's abdomen.

If you notice a protrusion, your cat probably has a hernia. Other symptoms include difficulty breathing, vomiting, loss of appetite, and coughing. If it's a Diaphragmatic hernia a cat may also have inflammation of the esophagus and excessive drooling. Cats with hernias may also appear to be in pain and refuse to do much physical activity.

If your cat has these symptoms they need medical attention. Therapy, medication, or surgery may be required depending on the type of hernia and severity. Your veterinarian will explain the best treatment options for your cat's case.

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