Symptoms of Parasites in Reptiles

Let's talk about symptoms of parasites in reptiles, parasites in reptiles.

Parasites are awful organisms and can lead to various health issues in a pet. Knowing what the symptoms of parasite in reptiles are is important. Noticing parasites, removing, and treating for them can save your pet's life.

The types of external parasites that most show up in reptiles include ticks, mites and larvae.

Ticks are a larger parasite, there are different types of ticks. They can show up on humans, and all types of pets. Pets usually get ticks from outside. They can be introduced on other pets, plants, or the pet owner itself also. A tick will be visible on a reptile. They will be attached to the skin of the reptile and are big enough to easily be seen by the human eye. Ticks can carefully be removed from a reptile. You put make sure the whole tick is removed. It is also important to try to remove a tick at its mouth where it attaches itself.

Mites are smaller and tend to show up as in infestations. A reptile may have multiple ticks on it, but usually it's only a single tick. With mites there are usually a lot. They are more difficult to see because of their size and if they are small in numbers they are even harder to spot. A reptile with mites will appear to have rough skin. Mites can also disrupt a reptile's skin shedding process. A sign of mites is when a reptile constantly soaks itself in its water and keeps rubbing against anything it can.

Larvae and maggots are a less common parasite that reptiles get. They usually occur in outdoor reptile homes. They usually show up in open wounds or cuts that a reptile already had. Lumps in a reptile's skin is a symptom of larvae. Lethargy and loss of appetite are other symptoms. 

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