Taking Care of An Older Cat

Let's talk about taking care of an older cat. All Senior Citizens need care, even furry cat ones. As your cat ages you should just keep loving and caring for it as you always have. However, with age may come some problems that you will want to be aware of. This article will discuss things to keep an eye on in your elderly cat.

Humans aren't the only ones that get worse eyesight with age, cats do too. Have your cat's eyes checked by a veterinarian whenever you take it for a checkup. Also, pay attention to if your cat is having problems finding things, or walking into things because that is a sign that your cat may be losing its eyesight. If your cat does have a problem seeing make sure you don't change things. Keep it's litter box, bowls, and everything in its normal spot so your cat can still find them.

If your cat is elderly you will also want to pay attention to its teeth and have them checked by a veterinarian. You can even brush them or have your vet do a teeth cleaning. Some cats may lose their teeth. If this happens you will have to feed your cat canned food. Wet food is easy to eat even without teeth, avoid dry food.

Many older cats aren't helpless, they are just more fragile. Try to avoid allowing an older cat jump on things. If you know your cat wants to be up on your bed or in a window sill, left it up and put it there. Some people even get their cats "doggie stairs." They will allow your cat to get to their favorite spot without injuring themselves.

There is no specific age when a cat is considered elderly. Cats age differently. Some cats won't lose their teeth or hair, others will. Some cats get heart disease, others still act like kittens. It's just important to care for your cat as they need you to depending on their situation.

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