Taking Care of Your Expecting Kitty

Let's discuss about taking care of your expecting kitty. If your cat is pregnant you may be surprised that they experience some of the same things that human female experiences during pregnancy. If you've never been pregnant it may be hard to understand, but your kitty will probably need help from you. Extra attention and extra care will help your cat during her pregnancy.

Don't panic if you know nothing about being pregnant, caring for your expecting cat isn't as hard as you might think. First of all, your cat can be pregnant for up to 69 days. That's not that long to us, but you do need to understand that cats age much faster than humans so to your cat it's a very long pregnancy.

Just like a pregnant woman your cat will be hungry, gain weight, be tired, and your kitty may also have morning sickness and cravings. If your cat has cravings for non-food items such as dirt, consult with your veterinarian because it could also be a condition called pica.

Don't get annoyed when your cat is extra vocal while she is expecting. She probably wants attention, has discomfort, or may even be having false labor contractions. As she gets bigger and has pressure on her bladder, she may have some accidents in the house. Don't scold her, she probably tried to get to the litter box, but couldn't make it in time. Your cat is adjusted to all the changes her body is making.

Make sure your expecting kitty always has access to food. You will need to feed her frequently or just leave food out for her all the time. Near the end of her pregnancy switch her to food that is formulated for kittens and also supplement it with canned food. The kitten food is great for the kitten growing inside your cat. You should actually keep her on kitten food after giving birth and for as long as the kittens are nursing.

Caring for your expecting cat doesn't have to be difficult or a hassle. Enjoy pampering your feline princess. Also, enjoy the gift of birth and have fun playing with all your new kittens.

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