Talking Birds as Pets

Let's discuss talking birds as pets. Birds can make really great pets. They are unique and entertaining, especially talking birds. When you think of a pet you usually don't think of a talking animal, which is why talking birds are such a special pet. So, you want a bird that can speak, but which type of talking bird should you get? There are various kinds of talking birds so you will have a decision to make. Hopefully after reading this article you may have a better understanding of which talking bird is the right fir for you.

With any pet you will have various things to consider. You need to make sure you can provide the proper care for a pet, some are more demanding than others. You also need to have enough room for a pet. Some birds will require large cages while others are small and won't take up as much space. With talking birds you also can't expect them to just talk. Some birds may require quite a lot of training. Do research and speak with a breeder before purchasing a bird.

Many people don't think about a pet's lifespan when bringing home a new pet. Some turtles can live to be about 40 years old and some birds can actually live to be 100 years old. If you can't fully commit to a pet for a lifetime then don't get that pet. The Blue-Fronted Amazon is a bird that can live to be over 100 years old. They are a companion for life and then some. If you commit to purchasing one of these birds be sure to include it in your will so it has a home even after you are gone.

The African Grey is an amazing bird. Some people believe it is not only one of the smartest birds, but one of the smartest animals in the world. This type of bird won't just repeat things you say they can understand context of language and can have a conversation with you. You have to remember it is still a bird so you won't have a complex, deep conversation, but the African Gray can develop a vocabulary of hundreds or even thousands of words.

Birds that have the impressive ability to mimic human voices include the Hill Myna, Yellow-Naped Amazon, Yellow-Crowned Amazon, and Double Yellow Head Amazon. The Yellow-Naped and Double Yellow Heads are also known for their love of singing.

A common talking bird that people have as pets are Parakeets. They are small birds, but they can learn many phrases and even songs. The males often train more easily than the females.

All talking birds are quite amazing and be warned that some birds that are expected to talk, may not. All birds are different just like all humans are. You could get a bird that is known to be a talking bird, but if it is shy or not trained it may not talk.

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