The Breakaway Dog Collar

The breakaway dog collars ar ethe best means of making sure you dog will not choke themselfs when they start to pull to hard while on walks. The collar will collapse allowing no strangling and added stress to them.

The Breakaway Dog Collars are the answer for concerned custodial guardians of active puppies.

The breakaway collar releases your beloved pooch should he or she become jeopardized when engaging with another canine and/or strangulation is a threat.

The breakaway Dog Collars are certainly the right solution when your dog becomes entangled and can't break free or becomes engaged in a fight with another dog.

The revolutionary technology of the breakaway allows your prized pooch to be released from the collar or the ties that bind. In this way you needn't worry about puppy suffering from a serious injury.

Any concerned pet owner/puppy parent knows the importance of keeping his or her prized family member safe and secure.

It is necessary to assure your dog is not hurt should it become constrained in any way whatsoever: the breakaway is your answer.

Further, if an event as described does happen, and puppy is able to free him or herself with the advantage of the collar, you may place it back on your dog as the collar still can be worn.

Many prospects of the breakaway wonder if their dog can escape while walking and the answer is no.

The breakaway provides a hardware device you place on the collar in order to disengage the breakaway component. In this way, you can walk your dog as if he or she were wearing a normal collar.

Also the breakaway collar comes in a variety of sizes. This means it is a useful collar for dogs of varying breeds.

You may purchase a breakaway in small, medium, large and extra-large. In this way, if you have dogs in your household of varying sizes you may keep them all safe.

In summary, the collar is a benchmark as far as safety. You can engage it as a breakaway so your dog is safe and sound when you are not around to help.

Further, you can allow puppy to wear it as a regular collar when walking him or her. Not many collars on the market are more practical.


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