The Problem with Purebreds

Let's talk about the problem with purebreds. When trying to choose a dog you are probably thinking about all the different breeds and you might be contacting breeders and shopping at pet stores that sell purebreds. Purebreds may be beautiful dogs, but did you know that they often experience many common health problems. After reading this article you can decide whether a purebred is for you or if the purebred you already have is at risk.

The main problem that occurs in purebred dogs is inbreeding. Many gene pools are limited and some breeders and dog clubs breed dogs from the same family gene pool. Breeding within these limited gene pools increase the risk that the puppies will have genetic defects.

Not all purebreds have genetic defects. Quality breeders do make sure the dogs they breed have no defects, however not all breeders are of high quality. If you have a mix-breed dog they are much less likely to have genetic defects. There is nothing wrong with wanting a purebred of a mix-breed. If you want a purebred make sure you research a good breeder and talk to people that have gotten puppies from them. Ask breeders about the parent dogs and ask for any paperwork that they have to prove the dogs have been tested for genetic defects.

If you have a puppy with genetic defects it can end up costing you a lot of money and heartache. Purebreds with genetic defects are at risk of having heart disease, eye disease, cancer, epilepsy, neurological diseases, bone disorders, and problems with their immune system.

If you do get a purebred puppy you should probably take them to the veterinarian and get a thorough check up. Tell the veterinarian your concerns and they can help to make sure that your puppy is healthy. If all is fine then enjoy your adorable new puppy.

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