Think Twice About Purebred Dogs

Think twice about purebred dogs. All puppies are so cute and fun to be around, but many people are willing to pay a lot of money for a purebred puppy. before you fork over the money for a purebred you may want to think twice because there is a secret that some breeders may not want you to know.

It is a fact that purebreds dogs often have the effects of inbreeding, this fact also tends to not be well known to dog lovers. Now, not all purebreds are inbred and if they are that doesn't mean they are horrible dogs. However, the effects of inbreeding include a lot of health problems that will be awful for the dog and you to deal with.

Even mix-breed dogs can have health problems, however some tend to be more common in purebreds. If you really want a purebred, then go for it, but be smart about it. Don't just get a puppy from the first breeder you find. Don't give breeders your money until they can tell you facts about the dog parents, their health and their lineage.

Some dog clubs only allow breeding with other dogs in the club which leads to inbreeding so it is important to be aware of this. If a breeder is of high quality they do not breed dogs from the same family gene pool and they will also make sure that the dogs being bred do not have any defects that will increase the risk of the puppies having defects.

What exactly are these genetic defects? Purebred dogs commonly have defects that include increased risk of having cancer, heart disease, epilepsy, neurological diseases, skin or bone disorders and immune system disorders.

When getting a dog you may also want to consider all the dogs that need home at your local animal shelter. Dogs at animal shelters could be purebreds or mix-breeds which are less likely to have common problems.

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