Tips for a Healthy and Happy Hamster

Let's discuss about tips for a healthy and happy hamsters.Unfortunately, hamsters don't have very long life spans so if you want to keep yours healthy and happy for as long as possible, you need to provide the proper care. This article will offer a few tips that can easily be done and they will improve your hamster's life.

First, you should provide your hamster with a proper cage to live in. There are cages or habitats specially made for hamsters, these can be found at any pet store. You want the cage to be safe, no sharp edges and nothing that will allow the hamster to escape. The cage should be large enough for the size of your hamster. A hamster habitat should have a wheel and tubes. These things are fun for the hamster and also provide exercise for them to remain healthy.

Food is also a huge part of keeping a pet healthy. Feeding your hamster commercial food found at the pet store is fine. Get a food made specifically for hamsters. Try to get one that is more than just pellets such as one that has seeds and other healthy things in it. You should also provide your hamster with fruits and vegetables. Hamsters love fruits and vegetables and you probably have some in your refrigerator anyways. Provide your hamster with fresh water daily.

You should also change the bedding in your hamsters cage one or two times a week. This keeps your hamster, clean, healthy, and prevents odor. Along with changing the bedding you will also have to clean the whole cage good to prevent any bacteria from growing.

Another way to keep your hamster happy and healthy is to play with it. Handle your hamster every day. You can even purchase a hamster play pen. If your hamster is tamed and trained you will have a lot more fun with it.

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