Looking For Tips On Housebreaking Your Puppy Or Dog?

You just brought home an adorable new puppy. He is so cute and fun to play with, but he probably keeps leaving puddles around the house. Housebreaking a dog can be frustrating, but knowing the right tips can make it easier.

First, it is important to always keep in your mind that housebreaking requires a lot of patience on your part. You don't want your dog to do its business in your house forever so you have to go about housebreaking the right way.

Show that you are the boss and the one in control, while still being patient. Don't hit your dog when they go in the house, dogs generally don't like to go where they sleep or eat. It just takes them awhile to control their bladder and understand where you want them to go. Hitting may also cause them to go in a hidden place in your house.

Once you're in the right frame of mind, you need to come up with a bathroom schedule for your dog. Dogs usually go potty around the same time every day. Observe when your puppy is going to the bathroom and start letting him out that time each day to prevent accidents in the house. Dogs usually need to go out when they wake up, 15 minutes after eating or drinking, before they go to sleep, and after they were playing or running. When your dog does his business outside praise him and always use a word like "potty-time" and say it every time. They will then recognize what that word means and will eventually go when you use that word.

If you see your puppy sniffing around, take him outside right away. It may not be one of his scheduled times, but he might still have to go. Don't wait for your dog to squat because then you will end up cleaning up a mess. Disclaimer

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