Tips for Training Your Dog Not To Chew

Here are some tips for training your dog not to chew.

Dogs naturally love to chew which can be unfortunate for our shoes, socks, and furniture. You can't do much chewing overall, but you can train your dog to know what to chew and what things not to chew. The following are tips to keep in mind when going through the training process with your puppy or dog.

1. Keep things out of reach. If your dog can't find a shoe, they can't chew on it.

2. Allowing a dog to chew on your belongings can be harmful if they swallow the wrong thing.

3. Buy your dog toys or bones that are okay for them to chew on.

4. Take your dog to the pet store and let them choose chew toys, this ensures they will actually like it.

5. Keep an eye on your dog and what they chew on.

6. If your dog is chewing on something that isn't their toy, correct them.

7. Use a stern voice and tell them "no" or "bad dog."

8. Give them one of their chew toys after taking away the other item that it not meant for chewing.

You as the owner, the one in charge are the key to successfully stopping the chewing. Some good things to know are that some breeds are more prone to chew than others and puppies usually chew more than adults, so training as a puppy is the best plan. Training your puppy or dog to stop chewing on your belongings is actually pretty simple. Just pick up your things, spend a little money on chew toys and keep an eye on your dog. You cannot stop your chew from chewing completely. It is a natural thing that does do. However, you can make them understand that some things are not to be chewed on.

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