Tongue Worm Infection In Reptiles

Do you have any idea about tongue worm infection in reptiles?

Internal parasites are a problem in both wild and captive reptiles. There are many different types of parasites, but they can all cause serious health problems in pets and people.

One type of internal parasite that reptiles get is tongue worm. This type of parasite can be found around the world, but are mostly found in warmer climates. This type of parasite was actually first noticed in poisonous snakes that live in tropics.

It's name might suggest that it infects a reptile's tongue, however adult tongue worms usually infect the respiratory system of reptiles, so the most common symptoms is actually pneumonia. Tongue worms aren't limited to a reptile's tongue or respiratory system, the parasite can also infect other tissue and organs in a reptile's body. Therefore, symptoms may vary slightly depending on the exact location of the infection.

If you think your reptile might have tongue worms, immediately schedule an appointment with your veterinarian and ask about the best way to handle the reptile. Tongue worms can actually be transmitted to humans, so it's very important to handle the reptile safely and protect yourself from becoming infected.

Tongue worms will be treated with medication that kills parasites especially worm parasites. The medication will kill the worms, however your veterinarian may actually have to remove the worms from your reptile's body by performing surgery. In some severe cases tongue worms cannot be treated and killed. In these types of cases euthanizing the reptile is advised to protect you from getting the infection.

The best way to prevent tongue worms and all parasitic infections is to just be cautious. Keep your reptile's home clean, make sure your pet has a healthy diet, don't introduce any other pets, plants, or objects from the wild that could be infected without you even realizing.

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