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Dogs and barking are synonymous. In fact, you would worry if your dog didn’t bark occasionally. However, what do you do if your dog barks continuously? Here are some tips on how to train dog stop bark.

Whether it’s the mailman delivering mail or a visitor coming to your front door, odds are your dog is going to bark when they sense intruders. On the one hand this could be a good thing, but incessant barking can drive you a bit nutty!

In order to train dog stop bark, you have to first determine the problem. Is the dog bored? Does he want attention? Does he want treats? Does he dislike going outside? These are some of the questions you need to answer to correct the behavior.

What you need to do is begin with commands, instructing the dog to remain quiet. Now this would entail a calm but definitive voice. It could be a sound; such as "shush," or a simple "no." After which, turning away from the dog will assert your dominance over him. He will most likely begin barking again. Repeat the same words and again turn away. Eventually, the barking will dissipate, and your dog will understand what you expect from him.

When you are not home, and your dog barks the entire time you’re away, it is most likely caused by him not being used to being alone. Train dog stop bark by leaving some toys around so he can focus on playing with them. Some of these toys are available in which you can add treats inside. It may take hours for him to retrieve the treats from the toys.

Another idea would be to call home and literally talk to your dog so he can hear your voice, and in this way he will not feel so isolated. Before you leave for work, take the dog out for a good walk. The exercise will tire him out for quite a while.

Train dog stop bark can be done calmly, smoothly and without resorting to muzzles, or anything that would upset or scare your dog. Use patience, care, and a lot of love.

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