Travel cat carrier - A quick shopping guide

The travel cat carrier will allow you to bring along your cat on those short trips to the vet or long trips across the state.

Your cat deserves comfort and you deserve to have a piece of mind when traveling along with your favorite pet.

You can ensure that all will go well by making a few essential preparations. The most important item to secure for your trip is the travel cat carrier.

There are many models offered on the market that range in designs and in price. Here are some useful tips that you can take advantage of then shopping for such a special item.

Those who intend to have an air travel accompanied by their cat should make a special inquiry regarding the on flight pet policy of the company whose service you are going to use.

Have in mind that not all airlines allow pets in the cabin of the plane. Those that do, have specific requirements for the travel cat carrier.

You have to be able to place it conveniently under the seat in front of you. Thus, the size does matter in this case.

Still, you will have a choice between small, medium sized and large items that can accommodate cats with different measures and weight.

The inner compartment has to be securely closed during the entire trip as well. So, you have to look for a model that does not have any head or other types of openings.

If you feel that there are too many details to remember, you can always go for a model that has an airline approved tag. The majority of retailers also have experienced staff that can help you additionally.

There are standard features that every reliable travel cat carrier should posses.

The main material should be very durable, while the lining of the inner compartment has to be comfy and not easily scratched and torn as well as removable and washable.

The bottom has to be strong and hard enough to support the animal. The carrier must be equipped with safety straps that secure the convenient and safe positioning of the pet.

Cardboard Cat Carrier and Cat Sitting

The model has to have two or three large enough mesh ventilation windows, preferably with covers. The handles and shoulder strap will give you a choice of carrying options.

You will also need a large enough storage space for the cat’s belongings as well as for yours.

You can find a travel cat carrier that matches your requirements and budget without much hassle if you shop online. There are great discounts available even for the most popular and designer models.


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