Treating a Gerbil with a Broken Bone

Let's talk about treating a gerbil with a broken bone. If your gerbil not moving and seems like it's in pain. It could be feeling ill or it could have broken a bone. Broken and fractured bones aren't rare in gerbils or hamsters. If you're looking for information on treating a gerbil with a broken bone then read on. This article will discuss the symptoms of a broken bone so you can notice the signs and seek proper treatment.

When gerbils or any other pets have a fractured or broken bone, you will be able to tell. The first major sign is they don't want to move. Pets don't normally refuse to move, especially for extended periods of time. An injured gerbil will also appear in pain and probably have a swollen area on its body where the broken bone is.

You suspect that your gerbil broke a bone, contact your veterinarians. Carefully take your gerbil there for an exam and possibly x-rays. A veterinarian can diagnose if the gerbil has a fracture or injury and exactly where it is. With the proper diagnosis, the gerbil will get bandaged. A restraining bandage is used because the break will heal faster if the gerbil isn't trying to move it and walk on the injured limb.

A gerbil with a broken bone needs it's movement limited, so you may need to take extra care of it during its recovery. Put your injured gerbil in a smaller cage, make sure you feed it without making it walk a long distance to get its food. If your gerbil refuses to move, you may have to clean up its waste. It is very unhealthy for it to lay near its own waste.

Medication and vitamins may help your gerbil with its recovery, depending on what your veterinarian says. A gerbil can show tremendous signs of progress a week or so after it's injury, however it won't be completely healed.

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