Treating Hair Loss In Your Guinea Pigs

Let's discuss about treating hair loss in your guinea pigs.There are multiple reasons for hair loss and chewing of hair in guinea pigs. If you aren't sure why your guinea pig chews its hair or has hair loss, you should consult a veterinarian who can figure out what is causing the hair issues. So if you are looking for information on treating hair loss in your guinea pigs then read on. This article will break down the different causes and how you can treat them.


When guinea pigs chew or pull out their own hair or the hair of another guinea pig during conflicts. This is how guinea pigs sometimes fight and it's typically seen between two males or two guinea pigs differing in age. This is obviously a behavioral issue that you will have to fix. If your guinea pigs are barbering, along with patchy hair loss, you will probably notice bite marks or bruises.

You will either have to spend time, training your guinea pigs or you will have to separate the ones that fight. Another option some guinea pigs owners do is give a guinea pig places to hide from the dominant one that does the barbering. However, this doesn't really eliminate the problem.

Metabolism Problems

Believe it or not, but metabolism problems can create hair problems in guinea pigs. There isn't a way to prevent metabolism problems, but you can treat them. Your veterinarian will probably have to diagnose metabolism problems as the underlying cause by running tests. Your veterinarian will probably prescribe medications that can help balance your guinea pig's metabolism. Some lifestyle changes may also be recommended.

Dietary Deficiencies

Many pets don't actually receive the best food. Many commercial pet foods aren't well-balanced and pet owners don't realize. If your guinea pig has some type of dietary deficiency, improving their diet or giving the pet vitamin and mineral supplements can help. These treatment options will improve a guinea pig's overall health and help fix their hair loss issues.

Genetic problems and stress can also guess a guinea pig to lose its hair or chew on its own hair. These issues will need to be treated. Hair thinning or hair loss can also occur naturally as a guinea pig ages or when a young guinea pigs coat is changing from light hair to coarser hair.  

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