Treating Red Eye in Rabbits

Let's discuss treating red eye in rabbits. Red eye is pretty much what it's name states. It is when a rabbit's eye appears to be red and swollen. It usually appears as if something has irritated the eye or it is infected.

Red eye isn't really an illness itself. It is almost always a symptom of something else, therefore it requires immediate attention and treatment. Treating red eye in rabbits really depends on what caused the issue in the first place. In order to know this, you must take your rabbit to a veterinarian.

There is quite a list of illnesses that can cause red eye, and proper treatment relies on a proper diagnosis. Veterinarians will ask you questions about your rabbit, it's diet, it's environment, etc. They will do a physical exam of the pet and they will run various tests. They might measure your rabbit's eye pressure, do a tear test, run blood or urine tests, skin cultures, etc. Once your veterinarian has determined the cause of the red eye, they will explain the treatment options for the red eye and the health issue that caused it. 

If a rabbit with red eye appears to be in a lot pain, anti-inflammatory medication or other medication for pain may be prescribed. If a dental issue caused red eye, a tooth may need to be filed or removed. If an infection caused your rabbit's red eye, an antibiotic can usually clear the infection up. Depending on the underlying cause of the red eye a rabbit may even need steroids. Your veterinarian will tell you the best choice for treatment and tell you all available treatment options.

For the most part, illnesses that cause red eye tend to be treatable. However, there are always strange cases and sometimes illnesses go unnoticed for too long, which makes treatment less effective.

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