Two Reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass

Let's talk about the two reasons why dogs eat grass.

You wouldn't think twice if you saw a cow munching on grass, but if your dog eats grass you probably wonder why. You feed your dog well and you aren't sure if it's okay for it to eat grass. After reading this article you will have a better understanding of why your dog may be eating grass.

If you think your dog eats grass because it's not really well that could be true. Since your pooch doesn't have its own doggie medicine cabinet that it can go to when it has an upset stomach your dog may look for a natural remedy like a plant. If you look in your yard, there is most likely more grass than any other vegetation. If your dog eats grass to make itself feel better than why does it usually vomit from the grass? It's not that the grass is bad or unhealthy for the dog, they usually vomit because the grass blades tickle their throat. Plus, if your dog has an upset stomach and then vomit they may actually feel better, so eating grass may have been a good idea.

Another reason why a dog may eat grass is because it craves vegetation in its diet. Grass does contain nutrients and dogs are omnivores so it really isn't that strange for them to eat grass. Wild dogs eat their pray including the stomachs that contain plants and when wild dogs don't eat prey they do eat berries and plants. Maybe your dog's food is full of meat or bi-products and things that don't contain all the nutrients it needs. So, if your dog is munching on grass and not vomiting then it wants to and its probably helping to make your dog healthier. If your dog eats your grass often make sure you don't spray weed-killer or anything on your grass that could be harmful to your canine.

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