Understanding Bacterial Infections In Fish

Let's talk about understanding bacterial infections in fish.

If your pet fish is acting strange and not eating it probably has one of the common illnesses that goldfish get. One especially common problem for various types of fish includes bacterial infections.

The most symptoms of a bacterial infection include raised scales, skin ulcers, red and/or inflamed spots, fin rot, a swollen abdomen, or pop-eye.

Make sure you look closely at any skin ulcers or sores because they could sometimes be caused by parasites. Parasites such as anchor worms can often be seen, appearing as a string coming out of a sore on a fish's body.

Fin rot is caused when an aquarium has bacteria which actually rots fish fins. A swollen abdomen is called dropsy. It is caused by bacterial infections and other health issues. It prevents fish from being able to excrete enough bodily fluids. Dropsy is a sign of kidney failure.

Swim bladder disorder can also be caused by bacterial infections. This disorder is when fish have a hard time swimming to the bottom of the tank or swimming to the surface.

Bacterial infection can cause various illnesses in goldfish and there are different causes for bacterial infections forming. The most common reason for bacterial infections is dirty water or water that is too cold. Overcrowding and overfeeding are other causes.

Most bacterial infections can be treated by improving water conditions and sometimes putting medication in the water to kill any bacteria. Water should be kept clean and at the proper temperature which is usually in the high 70s. Swim bladder can also be treated by changing a fish's diet to incorporate more vegetable content. Food containing antibiotics can also be given to fish to help them recover from an illness. Broad spectrum antibiotics like tetracycline and chloramphenicol can also help your fish.

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