Understanding Heart Conditions In Hamsters

Understanding heart conditions in hamsters, if you want to find out more then read on. Many pet owners don't realize that animals, including common pets, suffer from the same health conditions as humans. One of these conditions include congestive heart failure. You may know someone who has this condition and your hamster may have it too.

Does your hamster ever appear to have respiratory distress and have an increased heart or pulse rate? Does your hamster sometimes move very erratically or does it's skin ever appear to be turning a tint of blue? These are all symptoms that a hamster has congestive heart failure.

This condition is most common in female hamsters that are older, however, it is not limited to only them. Unfortunately, there isn't a cure for congestive heart failure. If you take your hamster to the veterinarian and find out it has this condition there are things you can do, to try to give your hamster a nice life as long as you can.

Medication from your veterinarian can help manage the congestive heart failure. Certain medications can actually help the heart muscles contract and therefore restore a somewhat normal blood circulation throughout the hamster's body.

If your hamster is diagnosed with congestive heart disease, medication isn't the only thing that can help the pet. Their salt intake will have to be decreased, completely removing salty food from their diet is the best. Always be aware that many hamsters with congestive heart failure live a poor life, yours might not, but you may want to prepare for if your pet isn't doing so well. A hamster with this heart condition should also be in a quiet and calm environment where is can rest without being caused any stress. Stress is not good for heart conditions.

Your veterinarian should be able to make other recommendations that can help your hamster.

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