Understanding Stray Cats

Let's talk about understanding stray cats. Whether you have a pet cat or not, you probably don't want stray or feral cats around your neighborhood. These cats are in an unfortunate situation, but they do cause some problems. If you have stray cats around your home and are trying to decide what you can do about them continue reading. This article will help you in understanding stray cats and their behavior.

There are various reasons for stray cats. People get cats or kittens and then realize they can't handle the responsibility so they just drop them off somewhere instead of finding them a new home or taking them to a shelter. Other cats are just born out of captivity. There is an over population of cats and most of them aren't spayed or neutered so there is a continuous cycle of more stray cats being born and then having babies.

Most stray cats aren't friendly. Ones that were born wild never had enough exposure to humans to be comfortable with them. Cats that were abandoned also aren't always friendly because they think humans aren't nice because they only know the horrible owner that they had.

There is actually hope for some of these cats . It can take a long time and a lot of patience on your part, but some people are able to tame stray cats. If you feed it, talk in a calm quiet and don't make any fast movements. Do these everyday while slowly inching closer and closer you may eventually get to pet the cat. However, this is not common or likely.

If you don't want to tame the cat, do not feed it. It is recommended that you don't feed stray or feral cats because if you feed them they will stay around your house and use you as a food source.

Try to call an animal shelter or catch the cat yourself. Take it to a shelter where it can at least get spayed or neutered. Since these cats aren't friendly they may just get euthanized unless you take them to a no-kill shelter. 

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