Understanding Why Dogs Mark Territory and Run Away

Let's discuss about understanding why dogs mark territory and run away. All dog owners have probably found their dog either marking its territory or roaming away from home. Are you wondering if these actions are normal and if there is anything you can do about them? This article will help dog owners have a better understanding of why dogs do these two things.

If you have a dog you will probably notice that they like to mark their territory. They typically do this by urinating in certain places. This may seem strange to us humans, however its normal. We communicate through speech, and signs, etc. Dogs communicate through barking and through scent. Dogs can smell much better than humans and when they mark their territory it's claiming their property from other dogs.

Most dog owners notice male dogs marking their territory however, female dogs do this also. Male dogs begin marking once they hit puberty. This is also the same time they start to stray from home sometimes. Females begin these things when they first go into heat.

There are various reasons for a dog roaming. Sometimes a dog will chase something and not realize how far it is going, however most of the time dogs tend to roam just to sniff around and explore, to mark their territory, and also to find a mate. Marking and roaming are pretty much instincts that dogs have.

If you would like to try to stop your dog from roaming or marking its territory, you should have them spayed or neutered. If your dog seems to be doing these things excessively, you can take them to a veterinarian to make sure there are no other issues. Some diseases can cause a dog to mark or roam more than normal, and sometimes it's just a behavioral issue. If your dog doesn't do either excessively and it doesn't cause any problems than its normal dog behavior.

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