Uneatable Means Nothing To Dogs

Let's talk about dogs and eating behavior. Well, sometimes uneatable means nothing to dogs. You've heard the stories. A dog eats something that it shouldn't, it is taken to the veterinarian and has to have surgery or wait for the item to pass naturally. These stories don't always end happily. If you allow your dog to consume non-food items, it can cause serious and irreversible damage. Why do dogs eat strange items to begin with? If you are a dog owner you should continue reading so you can have a better understanding of your dog's eating habits.

There is actually a medical term for when dogs eat non-food items and it's pica. When dogs consume feces it is known as coprophagia. Most of the time these conditions are normal and not even really caused by anything. If you have a dog you know they enjoys eating and sometimes eating doesn't involve food you should immediately make changes and try to eliminate this behavior because it can be very unhealthy.

Keep a close eye on your dog. If they often chew on or eat things, you will have to be very careful and always pick up after yourself. You will have to dog proof your cabinets by using child proof locks. Always put clothes, socks, shoes, etc in closets or drawers and make sure they are closed. Hang up your purse out of reach. Basically you will have to be sure careful and train your dog to stop eating strange things. If you're having a hard time training your dog to stop chewing and eating everything you may want to consult your veterinarian or hire a pet trainer.

Dogs that eat a lot of strange items usually live to be only a few years old. They may get lucky and pass things through them naturally, they may need a surgery or two, but eventually they tend to eat something that causes serious damage and pain to them.

Eating non-food items is dangerous. Sharp objects can cut up the dog's insides, items can also get stuck in the intestines, or lodged inside a dog. Strings can get wrapped around a dog's intestines and be unable to pass through. Surgeries to remove objects from dogs can be costly and sometimes it's too late for surgery and dogs die.

Many dogs eat things like gloves, socks, hair ties, needles, rocks, soap, clay, dirt, toys, money, crayons, diapers, the list is really endless. There have even been bizarre cases reported of dogs eating debit cards, and even a 10 inch tent peg, the things that dogs eat are amazing, you wonder how it's even possible.

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