Unusual and Strange Pets

Let's talk about unusual and strange pets. Cats and dogs are great pets, but are looking for a pet that is more unique? A pet that is more unusual than a parrot, tropical fish, or horses? This article will discuss various unusual pets so that you can decide which unusual pet is the right one for you.

Hedgehogs are a very unique pets. They are small, cute, and spiky. These pets tend to not be very common because they are actually illegal in some states. Yes, illegal, so check your state laws.

It doesn't get much more unusual than a skunk. Why would you want a stinky pet? Pet skunks are "de-scented." Their scent glands can be surgically removed when they are young. Skunks actually make great pets. They are intelligent, active, and curious kind of like a cat. Skunks can even be litter box trained.

When you think about chickens you probably think of them as a farm animal, but you can have a House Chicken. Chickens do have personalities like other pets and they are inexpensive. However, this unusual pet isn't right for everyone because they can sometimes be loud and messy.

If you like lizards, but don't want the typically pet lizards such as a gecko or bearded dragon you want may to consider getting a Chameleon. They are very interesting and beautiful lizards. They have unique tongues and eyes. Their tails can be used to grip branches and this lizard is best known for its ability to change colors. However, this isn't a lizard for beginners and Chameleons don't really like to be handled.

Tarantulas are also an unusual pet since most people hate spiders. If you want a big hairy spider that can crawl around on you then go for it. Do research before purchasing one and be ready for people to freak out when they come into your house and see a Tarantula.

There are many more unusual pets. Do research and find an unusual pet that will be comfortable in your home and one that you can properly care for. Also, check state laws and local regulations on unusual pets.

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