Weight Issues In Ferrets

Let's talk about weight issues in ferrets. Similar to humans, ferrets can sometimes be overweight or underweight. Maintaining an average and healthy body weight is important. Improper weights can lead to various health problems that can cut a ferrets life short. Your ferret probably doesn't understand this importance and needs help from you to stay healthy. This article will offer tips on how to help your ferret lose or gain weight.

Obesity is considered an epidemic in American people, which may be why the problem is becoming more common in pets such as ferrets. An obese ferret will appear to have too much body fat for its size. It may also be sluggish, not play, constantly eat, and experience weakness in its rear legs.

How do you help a ferret lose weight? It's actually very similar to how most people do it, diet and exercise. If your ferret is overweight you should cut out sugary or fatty foods from its diet. You should also make sure that you don't leave food in its cage all the time. Set up a feeding schedule, don't have a full food dish in its cage constantly or it may just keep eating. Make sure your ferret's diet is healthy, you may need to give it supplements to ensure your pet is getting all the nutrients its needs to remain to be healthy.

Exercise is important for all pets, especially obese ones. Your ferret's cage may be too small for it to get enough physical activity. If so, buy a bigger cage. Also, you should take your ferret out of its cage daily. Play with it and allow it to run around your room or house. An obese ferret may be a little lazy, but encourage it to play. Give it toys and use them to play with it, don't just make your ferret amuse itself. Daily exercise can really help a ferret to lose weight and exercise while at an average weight will keep your ferret healthy and happy.

If your ferret is underweight take it to a veterinarian to check for any underlying causes. Force feeding intravenously may be require for ferrets that aren't eating. If your ferret is willing to eat, but is underweight, it's diet may not be nutritional enough. Not all commercial pet food is enough. Talk to your veterinarian and do research to find the healthiest food for your ferret. You can also give your ferret vitamin and mineral supplements.

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