Weight Loss in Ferrets

Let's discuss about weight loss in ferrets. Is your ferret looking a little skinny? Does it appear to have lost some of its weight recently? Weight loss can occur in ferrets because of various reasons. This article will example why ferrets lose weight, how to treat it.

If your ferret has lost a noticeable amount of weight it may be cachexia or wasting syndrome refers to the loss of weight, loss of appetite, poor health, and weakness. This can be caused by things such as cancer, bowel disease, metabolic disorders, ulcers, organ failure, difficulty swallowing, pregnancy, or an insufficient diet.

If you notice that your pet ferret has lost quite a bit of weight you should definitely take your pet to the veterinarian.  A veterinarian will perform a physical examination as well as various tests needs to get a proper diagnosis. Tests may include blood and urine analysis, x-rays, and an ultrasound. These tests can help determine the underlying cause of weight loss so it can be properly treated.

Treatments vary depending on an underlying cause. Medication may be enough or your ferret may require surgery. Not only will the underlying cause need to be treated, but your ferret will need a healthy diet to help it recover and get back to a healthy weight. If your ferret will not eat it may need to be given electrolytes and nutrients intravenously. If your ferret will eat, you should make sure its food is healthy and that you supplement its well-balanced diet with vitamins and minerals.

Your veterinarian will probably want your ferret to come back for a checkup. Make sure you follow any and all instructions given to you by your veterinarian. If you have any questions or aren't sure how to improve your ferret's diet ask your veterinarian, they are there to help you. If your ferret doesn't eat, drink, and get the proper nutrition it could possibly die. 

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