What are Tear Stains?

What are tear stains? Does your cat or dog every get ugly goopy stuff staining the fur underneath their eyes? Those stains are tear stains. You probably hate how the stains make your dog or cat look, but what can you do? This article will discuss some things you can try to rid your pet of these unattractive marks.

Tear stains can be especially annoying if your pet is light-colored or white because then they are even more noticeable. Not only are these stains a little bit under the eye sometimes they run all along down the bridge of the animals nose. Most pet owners wish that tear stains would go away, but don't know how to get rid of them. Tear stains make your pet look sad, sick, old, and not as adorable as you know they are.

So, how can you get rid of tear stains? It can be tricking, but try the following: dip cotton balls in warm water and clean the under eye area twice a day. Then, put a little Vaseline on the area that gets stained. This helps to keep the fur from staining. Next, you may want to consider your changing your dog's diet. Sometimes food allergies can cause various things such as tear staining. That is why you should also take your pet to the veterinarian.

A veterinarian can make sure that your pet isn't sick. They can also check for blocked tear ducts and excess tear production. Tear staining could also be the result of a disease of the eye or conditions where the animal's eyes are abnormally shaped. It your veterinarian finds something wrong they can hopefully treat it with medication, diet changes or surgery.

There is a product called Angel Eyes that can be used to eliminate tear stains, however it is not approved by the FDA. The product works, but contains an antibiotic and is supposed to be given to the animal every day. Many pet owners are hesitate to use it. Discuss the product with your veterinarian.

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